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Learn more about SMC Travel account, booking and beneļ¬ts.

How much do I need to pay for signing up? offers a smarter and simpler way to book and manage your business trips through our Travel Management System tool for FREE.

What type of company is eligible to sign up on

SMCTravel caters to all companies of any size and travel budget from start-ups, small-medium enterprises to big corporations.

How many users from one company account are able to book flights on

SMCTravel is accessible to any number of users from your company. It allows you to delegate important tasks to your team members so you can manage your travel booking and approval with the help of your team.

How can I access

You can access from web and mobile browsers. It is designed to be device friendly. Mobile app will be available very soon.

I can't login to my account?

You can retrieve your password from the Forgot Your Password link in the login form.

How can my team access

Company admin can create access to all the team member, setup their travel policy and also the approver information in the "My Company" section.
Airline tickets

What airlines can I book on

You can choose to book your flight to more than 400 airlines available around the world.

What is the booking deadline?

The system will make a booking to hold the price and the seat up to the deadline before it is released. You must complete the approval process and make payment before the booking deadline.

Is booking approval compulsory for all bookings?

Booking approval is not compulsory for all bookings. It is depends on how the policy and approver being set for particular users. Users without approver assigned or under a policy which does not require approval can complete booking without approval.

Do I need to make payment before the approval?

It depends on the airline selected. We will indicate if payment is required. However majority of the airlines DOES NOT require payment before the approval. The system will hold the seats up to the deadline for the travel approval.

How can I pay for my bookings?

You can pay using bank transfer or bank in and update our friendly customer service team for ticket issuance. Credit card and FPX payment will be available in December 2016

When should I update my bank transfer or bank in payment info?

You must update your payment info in the "Manage Bookings" before the booking deadline. Otherwise you may risk losing your seat.

What should I do if I miss the booking deadline?

Contact our customer service at immediately and we will try our best to assist.

How long can I keep my SMCTravel account without using its booking feature?

Your SMCTravel account is available to you even if you do not make any booking for a period of time.

Where can I go if I have further questions regarding my SMCTravel account?

Your questions are important to us. Feel free to send us your questions at
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