The Ultimate Business Travel Platform
Minimize expenses. Maximize efficiency.
Smart Business Travel Management. No-Hassle Travel Solutions.
Give your employees a seamless booking experience. Empower administrators with the simplest and strongest business travel management platform.
Incredible Cost Reductions.
Fast & Flexible Bookings.
Get the right tickets and right hotels at the right prices every time. Solve unforeseen itinerary changes instantly
Not just a typical booking tool
We cover end to end.
From booking request to superior approval, from search to make booking,
from modifications to analytics. We take good care of you.
Simple. Manageable. Convenient.
Easy to use mobile optimised web platform
Price tracker to find affordable deals easily
Safe & secure payment portal
Hold a booking & forward for approval
Full control over your company's booking policies
Reports track all aspects of your travel spend
24/7 Support.

Solving Travel Problems.

Creating Business Opportunities

Solve Business Travel Problems
  • Get all pricing options instantly
  • Replace inefficient paperwork
  • Streamline all travel management actions
  • Save time: one website for all your travel needs
  • Eliminate user license or system maintenance fees
Create New Business Opportunities
  • Enable critical face-to-face meetings and close important deals
  • Deepen client relationships with in-person meeting that increase revenue
  • At-a-glance travel clarity optimizes business opportunities
  • Enjoy the benefits of meeting international clients easier and less expensively
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How SMCTravel Reshapes the Business Travel Industry

Technology is rapidly changing the trend in the travel industry where travellers are given the convenience and freedom to plan and book trips at any time and anywhere they want.

Why Online Planning Works Best for Corporate Travel

As a company grows, keeping track of all employees’ travel can get complicated. Managing the time, travel plan, budget and expense report all at once can be overwhelming.