At SMCtravel, we believe business travel can be easy, fun and profitable at the same time.

Global providers of innovative and cost effective business travel solutions.

Our integrated platform makes business travel easier and more seamless than ever before. Business travellers needlessly waste time and money searching for the best flights and hotels options available. With SMCtravel, those days are over.

Connecting personalized service with market leading technology.

Powerful All-In-One Business Travel Platform.

  • Business travellers can book everything needed for a business trip in one single booking
  • All flights and hotels are available in one screen compatible with market rates
  • Business travellers still enjoy the same airlines’ frequent flyer perks
  • Autofill booking forms with traveler profile and booking preference

Optimal Time Saving. Maximum Capital Savings.

  • Reduce the hassle of comparing multiple websites for the best price
  • Eliminate the time wasted in corresponding with travel agents
  • Self-service features to manage bookings without calling travel agent each time
  • Robust reporting ensures a clear audit trail and data for all travel expenses

Robust Policy Control. Complete Data & Insights .

  • Establish booking policies and approval rules for all organizational levels
  • Automated travel policy checking & initiation of the desired approval process
  • Robust reporting ensures a clear audit trail and data for all business travels
  • Data integration capabilities to external systems

Delivering the best return for users.

We are proud to have created the perfect tool for progressive organizations to manage their complete business travel details. The exact solution all global enterprises need.
Seamless and secure, SMCtravel is the ultimate business travel management platform.

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All-in-One Business Travel Platform.
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