Extensive features. Extremely simple.
SMCtravel provides an incredible list of features on the most straightforward business travel management platform.

Booking Business Travel

Booking business travel has never been easier with SMCtravel. All your important travel details are initiated, optimized and stored in one location. There is simply no better way to book business travel.

Unlimited bookings.
Our Free Travel Management Platform allows your company to book an unlimited number of trips for all users in your organization.

Use any device. Book your way.
Use your desktop or notebook computer. Use your iPad or your mobile phone.
With SMCtravel, you will always apply, book, approve and manage your travel whenever you want and however you choose.
End-To-End Booking Solution
SMC feature

SMCtravel provides the full-suite of services you need in one seamless travel booking platform.

Finally, a single solution that is easy-to-use and powerful enough to handle 100% of your business travel needs.

Management Review & Approval
SMC feature

SMCtravel empowers administrators to hold reservations for management approval.

A perfect way to ensure a reservation is available and confirmed before the final decision is made.

Desired Price Tracker
SMC feature

SMCtravel saves you so much time with our price tracker.

No more searching for hours, or waiting for day for the best prices. Finding the best pricing is effortless and automatic.

Rebooking for Extra Savings
SMC feature

SMCtravel keeps working to find the best prices, even after booking.

You’re fully covered. With our ‘Suggest Lower Airfare Option’ for rebooking, you can quickly change to the best pricing option if a better one becomes available in the future.

With NO UPFRONT FEES and NO SUBSCRIPTION COSTS the decision is easy.


Personalize your preferences.
Travel perfectly.

With SMCtravel, business travel is no longer frustrating. Customized user profiles make sure the needs and preferences of management and staff are perfectly aligned.


Individual booking for individual preferences.
Our personalized profiles reduce frustration and save you time. Rather than filling out personal information over and over for every trip, personal preferences are saved and customized for each staff member.

It’s so much easier. That’s what we are all about. We make your business trips as smooth and pleasant as possible, from booking, to travel, to closing big deals and coming back to celebrate.
Want free Wi-Fi? You got it.
Need refundable tickets? Certainly.
Details matter. Every business traveler is different and has their own expectations. Meeting the needs of your business travellers leads to bigger and better deals and happier customers. It’s the ultimate win-win. SMCtravel makes every important personal detail a part of your customized profile.

With NO UPFRONT FEES and NO SUBSCRIPTION COSTS the decision is easy.


Manage Your Trip.
Surpass expectations.

With the SMCtravel Travel Management Platform, everything you need to manage your trip is all in one place. You are free to focus on what matters most – delivering the perfect presentation to new clients, reconnecting with existing clients or searching for exciting new business opportunities.

Change in plans? No worries.
Make effortless itinerary adjustments.
Plans change. It is common in business travel. There is no need to worry. You can manage it online seamlessly or our SMCtravel team is available to assist you with your itinerary changes. Rest assured, all important fare and booking details are expertly managed. Your business travel will be smooth and unaffected.
Last minute cancellation?
We have you covered.
When individual fare stipulations permit, you can easily cancel tickets directly in the SMCtravel platform. Be assured, when business conditions require you cancel tickets, it’s a simple step with zero stress.

With NO UPFRONT FEES and NO SUBSCRIPTION COSTS the decision is easy.


Total travel control.
Use your unique policies.

Your company has tight guidelines for permissions and expenses related to business travel. With SMCtravel, your policies and guidelines are clear, controllable and precisely followed every time.

You maintain complete control of your business travel guidelines with SMCtravel. Policies are securely in place and strictly followed.
Customize Booking Policies
Many companies have specific rules regarding how business trips are booked. Easily set-up your custom rules in the SMCtravel platform and ensure all departments adhere closely to your company’s booking policy.
Customize Approval Matrixes
Well-run organizations have operational rules regarding how processes should be approved, by whom and when. SMCtravel tailors the approval matrix ensuring it perfectly reflects your company principles and guidelines.
Optimize Cost Reduction
Controlling overhead and expenses boosts your bottom line. SMCtravel saves you unnecessary expenses by finding and facilitating bookings for the most affordable hotel accommodations, flights, and transfers for your business travel requirements.
Meticulous Audit Trail
Maximize transparency for your corporate travel processes. Carefully review all bookings through the easy-to-use SMCtravel management system. It’s strong and simple to use. At a glance, you’ll find full details for all approvals, payments, and more.
Data and Insights
Data and insights is critical to plannings. SMCtravel platform providing complete data and insights as required. With our reporting tools, data and insights on travel plans and expenses are at your finger tips. Furthermore we are able to support industry standards external integrations and data extraction.

Simple payment tracking.
Ultimate capital control.

Manage and track payments with ease. With SMCtravel, your business travel cashflow is completely under your control.
Exhaustive Payment Options
SMCtravel currently accepts credit card, direct debit, bank deposit, and credit account.
Impressive Payment Flexibility
There are situations where staff members pay for business travel individually. In other cases, your business administrators handle all payments from the business side. In both occurances, SMCtravel is the perfect business travel platform for your unique needs.

With NO UPFRONT FEES and NO SUBSCRIPTION COSTS the decision is easy.