How SMCtravel Reshapes the Business Travel Industry

Technology is rapidly changing the trend in the travel industry where travellers are given the convenience and freedom to plan and book trips at any time and anywhere they want. By optimising the growth of technology, the tide of business travel is also looking towards a turn in development.

SMCtravel takes the measures of managing a business trip into account and provides an easy and convenient solution for decision-makers on their corporate travel platform. There's no more battling with last-minute changes, falling into risks of booking and exceeding the business budget.
1. Booking system with a software-driven solution
The platform on analyses travel data and trends in offering improved recommendations and budgets to frequent business travellers. It can gather data on all the corporate travel activities and helps companies to analyse the employees' travel-related expenditure.

The platform also shows a side-by-side travel fare comparison for flights and accommodations for users to find the best deals. The unique booking system helps travellers to save time, money and increase efficiency while planning a business trip.
2. Extensive selection and access for corporate travellers
The comprehensive selection offered on gives business travellers the option to book flights, accommodation, travel insurance and ground transportation in a single shot.

The options in their business travel offerings extend from low-cost carriers to full-service airlines, as well as promote savings on accommodations that are favourable to business trips. The full round-the-clock service provided on the platform takes care of the necessary details in a business trip.
3. Personalised booking for corporate travel policy
Companies which allow employees to manage their own business travel can set specific booking policies on while providing a list of options for employees to make their bookings within those limits.

With this, corporates can practice a better employee-friendly management for them to plan and book accordingly from the pre-approved business travel budgets and policies.
4. Improved management with automated booking system
Drive a better company culture where employees' productivity is improved with easy planning and booking besides empowering them to make their own decisions that adds to the overall travel experience.

The company's pre-set travel policies can help curtail any financial excess and increase efficiency in processing invoices in business travel management.