Why Online Planning Works Best for Corporate Travel

As a company grows, keeping track of all employees’ travel can get complicated. Managing the time, travel plan, budget and expense report all at once can be overwhelming. Companies must realise that traditional corporate planning is reducing operational value, impacting finance, and overall, exhausting company’s human capital.

Corporate travel planning is a full-time job and as compared to traditional corporate travel planner, employees can now bypass the hours waiting for third-party agents to arrange the booking; online planning means employees can perform it efficiently by themselves.

Existing corporate travel booking platforms proves why online planning works best for business trips and what it can accomplish.
  1. Regulated policies for all
    Travel planning and booking can be standardised and pre-arranged online by companies. Through the online platform, employees can easily choose and book business travel that meet policy guidelines in terms of cost and quality. This way, all business trips can be tracked in order and financially managed with the data accumulated.
  2. Time efficiency
    With the company’s travel guidelines and budget provided, this would facilitate a smoother planning process for employees. There is flexibility for company staff to make decisions swiftly and independently.
    The online booking platform such as SMCTravel.com also has comprehensive selections on flights, accommodations, etc to meet the needs of business travellers within a click away. Planners save time from researching for the best choice to their destination.
  3. Fares comparison
    Besides the comprehensive selection, SMCtravel.com also features a side-by-side fares comparison for all flights and accommodations. Employees can select the dates of travel to collectively see and compare the travelling fares to stay within the budget. It encourages cost-saving travel expenses for the company without employing agencies.
  4. Improves productivity
    A well-equipped travel booking platform would be a one-stop solution for business trips so employees can manage their business travels individually and effectively from their desks – from itinerary change to payment methods. Companies no longer have to fret over travel arrangements as online travel planning has been made simple.
  5. Accessible travel pattern and data
    Corporate companies can collect and analyse employees’ travel and expense patterns to further facilitate yearly budget and forecasts. The data from online booking platforms can also be used for invoice submission, assist in policy-making and future travel authorisations.